Buying a gift is never an easy task. We all like to give gifts, and wherever possible we would like that gift to be something that the recipient will enjoy and remember. We believe that a gift voucher for Crowd Racing is exactly that gift!

We all like to give gifts, and we would like that gift to be something that the recipient will enjoy and remember.

We believe that a Crowd Racing gift voucher is exactly that gift!

With options from £50, right through to £1,000 there is a voucher to suit your budget whatever the occasion.

Just choose what amount you would like the voucher to be, and we will do the rest.

Why would anyone consider buying gift vouchers for a racehorse? 

There are a number of reasons why our owners love having shares in a racehorse with Crowd Racing and you can give somebody you know the same experience.

The reasons why our owners have got involved with Crowd Racing include the social side of being part of Crowd Racing, the beautiful racehorses, visits to the stables; Open days or private visits are always great fun and often educational, days or nights out at the races, going as an owner is a level up. 

Owning a racehorse is a thrilling experience, sometimes frustrating but always exciting. A fantastic gift idea!

Do you know somebody who would love a gift voucher for Christmas, next birthday or anniversary?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.



Gift Vouchers bought on Crowd Racing can be used to buy shares in any racehorse on the site or spread across multiple horses. They can also be used to part buy shares, with the recipient topping up the value if they would prefer to take a larger share.


Alternatively, they can be used to purchase one of racehorse owner experience days, you can find more information on the Owner Experience Days by clicking here.

We already have a number of owners in the Crowd Racing community that received their share as a present and they are delighted to be involved, but before now anyone wishing to give a share would have needed to choose which racehorse the share was for. More often than not, the buyer of the gift wasn't a racing fan and didn't know the first thing about racehorses, so choosing wasn't easy.

This is why we created the Crowd Racing gift voucher.

You only have to choose to buy a gift voucher, and decide how much you wish to spend. The recipient can then decide what to use the voucher for.

Of course, we are happy to offer guidance wherever possible if you have any questions.

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