November Tipping Competition


Congratulations to Diane Farmer for winning the main competition for November, and also well done to Barry Andrews who won the consolation league.

Diane wins £250 in Crowd Racing vouchers and Barry earned £150 worth.


Our Tipping Competitions, are totally free to enter and run throughout the whole month with various phases and luck playing a massive part in the process.

Where there is good luck, you will always find bad luck. And Aidan Malia and David Coleman both finished the month on 42 winners but were not eligible for the consolation league as they qualified for the main competition. Diane’s original team scored an overall month total of just 29, but some smart swaps and excellent use of jokers gave her a pretty comfortable win in the end.

The final tables are below. Just to avoid confusion, the consolation table is just the top 6 finishers, there are over 100 other people in that list who didn’t get enough points to show.




As we enter the final day of the November Tipping Competition, in the main table there is a clear Nicholls v Skelton scenario developing.
You can see in the table on the right of the diagram below, There are 2 doing well, 3 doing not so well and 1 in the middle floating around. The 2 are at the top predominantly due to Paul Nicholls winners, the others went Dan Skelton.

Last Saturday the Skelton brothers had 9 winners between them, and blew the tables apart and something similar is needed today…. If I was a gambling man, I would think that PN will have more winners than DS today……

In the consolation table, on the left, Barry Andrews will prove hard to pass as virtually everyone within 10 points of him has PN, as does he. Apologies to Barry if I have given him the kiss of death!

The evening racing could come into play, for both sides of the November Tipping Competition but whatever happens we will have 2 winners today. One receiving a £250 voucher and the other a £150 voucher.


The December Tipping Competition will be the same format, but with just 3 stages due to the intricacies of the Christmas fixtures. There will be 2 longer phases, then a final phase leading up to a climax on Boxing Day.


Good luck all!

















The final day of the semi-final stage of the November Tipping Competition saw an unbelievable swing in fortunes as the Skelton brothers went a little crazy with 5 for Harry and 4 for Dan.

Those of you with either or both of them in your teams, saw your numbers climb rapidly. The ones with a joker stuck on a Skelton brother, were smiling. A lot.

Paul Nicholls started strongly, but faded and as you can see from below, the tables changed significantly on the final day.


November Tipping Competition Semi Final Final Positions

The names in BOLD RED are through to the final of the November Tipping Competition, and the list of names on the left are the current Top Ten after the 3rd phase of the consolation competition.

Barry Andrews had a strong Saturday to establish a small gap between him and Jeanna Buckle, with Heath Jenkins and Andy Long sitting in just behind just a further point behind.


In the main competition, Group 1 produced a 3-way tie and Adam Barrett went through after the tie-break went all the way down to the Group D before Gloria was eliminated, Ian had gone after Group A adjustments.

Group 2 ended up with Danny Binks going through on 11 points….. Very fortunate, I am sure Danny would agree. Of the 16 in the semi-final, Danny was 10th, but the luck of the draw saw him into the final and as all finalists start on zero, he has just as much chance as everyone else.

Group 3 was tight and with the exception of Mary Hebbard, who should try taking some selection tips from her daughter Katherine (Group 4 winner!), we had 3 of the top 4 scores for the whole round in the same group. Aidan Malia must be gutted, in any of the other 3 groups he would have gone through as winner or best runner-up but he is out. To add insult to his injuries, Aidan has tallied the most winners so far this month when adding Phase 1 , 2 and 3 together, yet he isn’t in the final. Very harsh. Alex Dunmore and Maureen McGee won’t be too concerned though as they take their place in the final.

Group 4 produced a best runner-up and a clear winner. Diane Farmer had a strong phase and 15 winners sees her into the final, with the Skeltons boosted Katherine to a massive 19 points, and safely into the final. Phil McVittie has been heading that group most of the phase and at 2 o’clock on Saturday he must have been quietly confident of a final place. Uttoxeter will not be his favourite track for a while, and if Phil had been in Group 1 or 2, he would have been a finalist anyhow.

So, we have a final 6. And all finalist now get to make 1 change, and nominate a joker plus a champion. The joker doubling the score, and the champion tripling it.

Racing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week count for both competitions.

GOOD LUCK TO THE 6 FINALISTS, plus all those at the top of the consolation table.




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November Tipping Competition

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