Jeff Dodkin, long-term Crowd Racing owner, answers the Crowd Racing questions

Jeff, along with his wife Lesley, have been with Crowd Racing from the early days after being involved with the Gask yard where we had our first horses. Uncle of talented apprentice William Cox, Jeff is a very keen horse-racing fan and has developed a very good knowledge of the sport.

Favourite Jockey

Difficult .. Frankie Dettori for the sport, William Cox for the family, Noel Fehily for TD and Dougie Costello for BTF. Although maybe we should be taking a few pounds off of BTF with a good apprentice.

Favourite Personality in horse racing

Frankie Dettori again, great for Racing.

Favourite racehorse


First experience of racing

Watching on a Saturday with my dad. Was on either Grandstand or World of Sport. We would always watch The Derby and Grand National as well and he would put a bet on for me for these races.

Why get involved as an owner

Great experience being an owner at the races. Getting to the different tracks and seeing what’s on offer. Better parking. The excitement of winning a race. Treated differently than an ordinary punter. Variety of cost levels that can make it affordable for many people.

Which racecourse /race would you like to attend

Going this year to Meydan on World Cup night. After that The Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby and Melbourne Cup. Not too big a wish list.

Which Horse in training.

Harry Angel

Race you would like to win

Dubai World Cup on the flat and Grand National over the jumps.

What is your Favourite Racecourse

Goodwood. Great views, great atmosphere.

What Irks the most in British horse racing

Two things really, the first is racing cliches like “hit the front too soon” or “draws the persuader” there are soooo many. The second is use of the whip. I personally will be pleased when it’s banned. How can we engage the public outside of racing when the perception is that jockeys beat the horses with a whip to make them go faster. That old chestnut of needing the whip to correct a horse is wearing very thin with me. The long term result would be races with horses that want to race and “the persuader” would not be necessary. If the jocks feel happier carrying it OK but ban the use in a race. It seems that horses are now the only animals that we hit in the name of sport.

Most positive change in british horse racing

Introduction of veteran races over the jumps. Gives a longevity to a lot more racehorses. Not sure if veteran races exist on the flat but might be good as well.

Biggest challenge faced by racing currently

Bringing in more people from outside racing. A day at the races is a great day out. Concert nights are good but how many of the concert goers come back for a raceday.

Mare to stallion

I don’t know, Enable/Frankel ??

Best experience to date.

Two things, the very first winner as an owner, a horse called Woodland Blaze won at Carlisle, but none of us were there as it was too far, but still exciting watching on TV.
The very best was the hat-trick at Kempton for BTF


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Jeff Dodkin, long-term Crowd Racing owner, answers the Crowd Racing questions

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Welcome to Crowd Racing

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